Spinxvongo - The House

October 2016 - 1 room down, 8 more to go! Well by the time I do the last room, I will  probably make a lot fewer mistakes. First time at wallpapering, flooring and ..... that damn window! I struggled and struggled, but got there in the end. If you look closely, you will probably see many mistakes peeping out at you, but hey, each of them tell a story and I am here to tell that story. Enjoy the video. Now on to the first stair landing which I will do together with the second one below (maybe). Wish me luck!!


Two more connections made - tested and operational. Yup, that shiny tool is a dentist tool. Helped a lot since my one jig got smashed when I made the pilot holes.


Two pins bent. Mainly because I had to squeeze my ever so big body into a 15x15cm space.

For now this connection will have to work until my wire order in the post arrives.
Changing the direction of the stairs is NOT for the faint hearted.

The critter sitting there…… Her Royal Highness Queen Ruby

Walls and Doors

The critter - Casper, my gentle giant

Eish! Restart!

Hinges - put on hold. Will do the doors once the wiring is done

Wiring and then some changes. Casper is really a big help.
One can never have enough rulers - 5 and going strong :)

Sometimes, actually quite often, I hear people refer to the term “time flies” with some sadness. They are sorry that what time they had was not filled with more bling, achievements or success. And now it’s gone! But if you keep on looking at what was or supposed to be, the here and now can “fly” away again and again. Remember the popular words – Carpe Diem – Cease the Day!


For me time flew away as well. No, in fact, it just evaporated into thin air. But that one day came when I told myself what is past is past. That day when I told myself “Today… something good is going to happen to you….. don’t let it fly!”. A God-given message of Hope, Faith and Mercy. I am taking this inner message and starting this project with Hope, Faith and Mercy.

This house is a 3 storey house and will be a mixture between old and new. Today’s era with some old fashioned tricks. Or so I think. I don’t want to lay out a plan now, I want to create Spinxvongo as I go, which makes for much more interesting venturing.

I will post progress pics from time to time. Hope you enjoy!


  1. So you had help from the fluffy white?

  2. I am so excited about your new project. Glad you are sharing your passion (for cats as well) with us.

  3. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the next step