Kitchen - Old and New

I had to rearrange my kitchen because it toppled over. So with a very few changes (like a half glass drink, a fruitpie, some utensils, dirty dishes etc) I rephotographed the whole kitchen with better lightening. Of course I also reinstalled the lightning, but its very difficult to photograph.

(Prev,. entry) - This little kitchen was made with so much care. I thorougly enjoyed making it. The veggies on the table was given to me by my late friend Alda Wilsnagh who tragicly died in 2013 and they are very special to me.)


  1. Love the animals. But the food looks too delicious - I get hungry looking at it.
    Also love the casual shoes lying around and the would like to see the sewing machine close up too.

  2. Amazing detail. Love the gun above the door. I can just imagine how much time and love went into this.

  3. Stunning! I can see the love! The kitchen is the heart and soul of a house....the thought behind this kitchen is so precious and touching... A tribute to beautiful friends. I adore the dishes neatly on the drying rack....Love all the details!